Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thursday June 21

Welcome to summer and happy solstice.

It rained overnight and we expect more today. I won't complain. I finished what needed to be done in the gardens yesterday. I have flowers that need to be dead-headed and some I plan to move but neither are urgent cores.

The main secret to magic tricks is distraction. This government has learned that well. So--is the humanitarian crisis (Of 45's and the Repthuglican's own making) a diversion from the budget priorities or is it the other way around. Or is it a whipsaw strategy that focuses first on one and then the other to get both, each acting as diversion for the other?

Well we are getting rain--a nice, steady, soaking rain. The kind about which the little ditty "April showers bring the flowers that bloom in May" was all about. For the last few years our April showers have been monsoonal cloud burst that wash away the May flowers before they sprout. I think all the plants are enjoying the rain and the respite from the heat.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday June 19

Good gods!! Already more than half past June. I think I will finally get my gardens filled. That doesn't mean I won't acquire new plants but I won't have and big open spots begging for something to take up residence. I got the catnip and a new basil. The Japanese beetles have arrived but with the cooler  weather my usual eradication procedure (hand picking and drowning in soapy water) should work well. I pulled all of the plants out of the fence-top hangers and will place them in the lower gardens. Reaching that high even with a watering wand is a bit taxing and the combination of wind and high temps dries those plants too fast to easily keep up with them. At my age rearranging things so it is easier is a major priority.

I can't say it better. This country and its flag doesn't stand for what Cadet Bone-spurs (thank you, Tammy Duckworth!!) is creating.

Here is something else I can't say better--We Are Never Getting Out of Afghanistan. At least not until this country is so fiscally broken that it can't fund anything anymore. The only strategy (if you want to call it that) is to double down on what hasn't work and which any logical thought process would indicate can't work

Task & Purpose is on a roll today! Here is another well expressed sentiment. I have said for some time now that I am thoroughly sick and tired of the constant expressions (thankfully fewer of late) of "Thank you for your service." Or the obligatory flag pins on our politicians lapels. A cheap bit of "virtue signaling" which does shit for veterans or active service members or their families. Plastic patriots, indeed.

Well, gardening for today. The sun is peeking through the clouds and when it does it get a bit warm. I moved the cinnamon basil because it had too much competition from the sweet basil and purple basil. Then I harvested some  of each and some of the bee balm for drying. I hadn't intended to do that today but since I was mucking around with that container went ahead and did it. I put in the new sweet basil and the two catnip plants. Out two little monster kitties should be happy. The begonias and geraniums are distributed through the patio providing a nice burst of color. The space actually looks neat--far neater than any garden in previous years.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Sunday June 17

It is hot outside--88 already at just after 10 am. I got the watering done very early but no other gardening. If the heat subsides by Wednesday I plan to harvest some of the herbs. Hopefully I will have some transplants to put in. Depends on what I find between now and then.

Monday June 18

It should be hot again today--in the mid 90s like yesterday. So same schedule--water early and then stay inside.

This story is from the Guardian but it could have been written for many towns on this side of the Atlantic.

Tuesday June 19

We should get a break from the heat today but lower temps come with strong possibility of thunderstorms. On a whim we decided to split our errands and delivered the donations we packed for the local library just before we did the grocery shopping. By the time we got back we were exhausted. The heat hit like a giant hand slapping your entire body every time you stepped outside.

I thinks the plants will like a rest from the heat but my large rosemary is having trouble. I think the combination of high heat and wind has dried it out more than I thought. I soaked it well just a few moments ago. I hope that will revive it. Several other plants are looking a bit frazzled. I watered everything because the rain we had hoped for didn't materialize. I hope to get more done tomorrow when the temperatures will be in the 70s (I hope!!) Right now I am a bit wilted myself from the watering.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

I has been raining this morning which, I hope, will provide enough moisture that I won't have to water the gardens. Unfortunately, it will be too wet to do any work outside.

Found this interesting little piece by David Kaiser at History Unfolding. Where will the modern "aristocrats" lead us? To a new feudalism, perhaps?

I would say "ouch" except that I don't have fond memories of the University of Missouri. I was never entirely comfortable there and never finished the degree I was working toward. Every once in a while I hear similar stories elsewhere. Note the little mention that enrollments have "cratered." I hope that means a lot of people are re-thinking the notion that a college education is worth the price. It isn't and anyone who says otherwise is cherry picking the data to make their case.

I am not a great believer in IQ scores as a measure of much of anything  but this is interesting.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Today we should start a three day heat wave. I have shifted into the hot schedule for the gardens. Watering is already done and I won't do anything else outside today. Tomorrow I hope to move the remaining strawberries in small pots into place in the lower gardens. That will clear all the hanging pots for this year. Sunday or Monday I need to harvest some of the bee balm and the thyme. Maybe the lemon balm as well if I have space in the dehydrator.

It only took a hundred years for these children separated from their families to be reunited with their people. I wonder how long before these kids go back to their families.

I haven't believed the "official" economic numbers for a very long time and this piece at Zero Hedge gives an indication of why.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Only chores on the agenda today are watering and moving some plants to new homes in the gardens. I have the herbs in the dehydrator to grind a bit later. We should have sun and drier weather today.

Found this interesting take on #45: he goes beyond unilateralism and unipolarism so a new term has to be invented. Feffer has supplied it: unileaderism. A good shorthand definition is monarchy by another name.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

I hope we dry out today. The temps are supposed to hit the mid 80s but the humidity is oppressive. I have some plants to put in the gardens and a couple of other jobs to do outside. The peppermint needs a cut and the first cutting of the lavender is due.

Fox News has been a booster for #45 from the beginning and it is interesting to see them criticize him now. That has happened on a more frequent basis over the last few months. The commentator is right: the Great (sarcasm!!) negotiator got what he want--lovely photo ops to spin a nothing story. But then I have to wonder if that shouldn't be counted as a win. What do the S. Koreans think? This piece suggest that many are more charitable hoping that the long Korean Warm might be on its way to a conclusion one small step at a time. I few weeks ago I read an article which floated the notion that all of the bluster with #45 took the spotlight allowing the two Koreas to act in the shadows in their own interests without Washington micromanaging. That conclusion may be right.

Well, the containers for the hibiscus and the clematis have been moved along with several 5 gal buckets to make it easier to get to the back rows. Harvested peppermint, spearmint, lavender, garden sage and pineapple sage.  Those are drying now. Have I mentioned how much I love the smell drying herbs produce in the house? Put the begonias, zinnias, and lemon verbena. I still have a few open spaces so I will put in a couple of catnip plants as a treat for the little monsters. I still haven't found the chamomile I want. I may have to wait to next year and try growing it from seed. I also pruned the hibiscus. It has been a good day in the gardens after the last week of dismal, rainy weather.