Monday, May 22, 2017

Monday--May 22

The weather should be good for getting the rest of the plants situated and, maybe, some clean up and rearranging outside. It turned out warmer than predicted yesterday and, as I noted, the sun came out and the beds dried out enough to get some work done.

My jaw dropped when I read this. I found another site which attributed the shortage to the difficulty Pfizer has getting components for glass syringes. It still boggles the mind that a common and frequently used drug based on baking soda is in short supply.

We read about Ringling Brothers' Circus shutting with a bit of nostalgic sadness. The circus always had a week or ten day run at the local civic center each year and we went almost every year. We thoroughly enjoyed the shows. Times change and the differences are stark. I remember the news media each year covered the parade of the elephants from the train station to the arena which I haven't seen very much of in the last few years. I don't remember people picketing claiming animal abuse--a charge we were expected to accept without any proof. But how does an old fashioned entertainment compete with cgi-enhanced movies? I don't think it does--especially when the price they can charge for tickets no longer covers costs. This article, however, deals with another aspect of the closure: what happens to the entertainers? Somehow I don't think #45 will be very vigorous in efforts to preserve those jobs.

Imagine if you only had electricity intermittently--sometimes as little as one hour a day. And imagine the situation lasts day after day, week after week, year after year.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Sunday--May 21

Thunderstorms are rumbling through with some heavy rain. No gardening today.

Well, it cleared off and the containers were dry enough that I did get some gardening done. I planted the hibiscus, Mitoyo eggplant, impatiens, 2 more lavender plants, a laggard bean sprout, several Chiante sunflowers (seeds this time) and another set of pickling cucumbers and Dragon's Egg cucumbers. I stopped at that point and will continue tomorrow. I still have two patio sized tomatoes, three marigolds, sweet basil, lemon balm, lime basil and 3 geraniums. We are thirteen days from the opening of this year's farm market. And, yeah, I am counting down the days.

I just found this news story which is dated yesterday (May 20, 2017) I was flabbergasted, first. by the size of the recall (47 million pounds of meat, vegetable and fruit products); second, by the fact that the recall was dated May of last year, as I discovered by following the trail of links, and we hadn't heard about it before now; third, by the astounding list of products and brands included. Our industrial food production system does produce an abundance of product but also an abundance of waste and the potential for wide spread food poisoning.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday--May 20

Another wet day with thunderstorms predicted. I really can't complain about the rain. We needed it and I don't have to water anything. It just sets back my planting but the new plants are doing well in the little greenhouse until things dry out a bit.

We have most of the plants we wanted in the gardens or in the greenhouse ready to go in. I still have to plant some cucumbers directly in the beds because the plants I started from seeds simply didn't fare well. I also think I will plants some sunflowers directly just to see if they do better than the seeds I started inside. One observation from this year: the prices have gone up considerably. Over the season I plan to see how many of my plants I can propagate from cuttings. That will reduce my costs considerably. My guesstimate: prices have doubled at the low end over the last four or five years. I still have space available for a few more plants but I am going to wait till the farm market opens and see what they have. I have found interesting, new-to-me plants each year.

I have seen ads frequently during the limited time our tv is on for The whole notion doesn't appeal to me. This article reinforces that.

Bored Panda posted this item that had us laughing and wondering if Capt. Obvious wrote the signs.

Ah--someone else has had the same feelings about communicating with Repthuglican/Conservative friends/acquaintances/family that I have: we seem to be living two different realities. Or, maybe three. I remember thinking that the Clinton/Damnocrat version that "everything is fine and the system needs a few, little tweaks" reality was as much poppycock as the Trump/Repthuglican notion that everything was shit swirling down the toilet. Neither version corresponded to my reality. I think most voters were left with trying to decide which version most corresponded to the lives we live.

That's a rhododendron!! Wow!! Just Wow!!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday--May 19

I may not get any transplanting done today.  The afternoon thunderstorms may arrive much earlier than predicted. It is overcast right now. At least it is cooler. I made sure all the new plants were well watered before putting them in the little greenhouse so they should be good till tomorrow. Actually, I should say till Sunday because more storms are on the forecast for tomorrow. The weather is so changeable more so than when our favorite quip was "don't like the weather? wait five minutes." The wind has been absolutely brutal. I have a spot where the trash tote is hemmed in by five gallon buckets, the wall of the house and the air conditioner and the wind still blew it out to the center of the patio.

This does not sound at all good.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Wednesday--May 17

Yesterday we hit 88F. Supposed to do the same today and tomorrow. I don't have anything planned except checking on plants and watering.

Thursday--May 18

Today was shopping day and we had an expanded route. I needed some more potting mix and a list of plants I wanted to get if they were out still, or yet for the more tender plants. Picked up two more lavender, new sweet basil, lime basil, lemon balm, chives, a hibiscus, some pretty geraniums and the impatiens. I will be busy planting tomorrow. We also had groceries which required visits to three stores: supermarket, meat market and health foods store. We also had a coupon to redeem at Best Buy and knew of a movie we wanted.

The temperatures are predicted to drop into the high 60s and 70s for the next ten days which will be nice. Three days of unseasonal mid to high 80s is more than enough. We will get plenty more when summer comes.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Tuesday--May 16

Supposed to be another warm day--should reach 80F. My spinach appears to be poised to bolt. I will pull it later this week. The beans and sunflowers will be ready to put in by early next week. The weather forecast predicts rain and high winds for somewhere around Thursday night or Friday. And highs back in the 60s.

Beans, sunflowers and stevia all transplanted. I was going to let the beans and sunflowers go for a week but the roots were already emerging from the tubes. I had three stevia in that one pot from the garden shop which are now in individual pots. In a little while I will get the cucumber seeds and plant them.

Perhaps the best succinct summation of #45's character. I find it sad to think that 1) the president is a 7-year-old boy in the body of a 70-year-old man; 2) that people actually believed his eruptions of oral diarrhea to vote for him; 3) that some still believe his oral diarrhea; 4) that the only way to get rid of him (short of voting him out in three years) is impeachment; and 5) that the spineless Repthuglicans who failed to effectively challenge him at any point in the primaries or after the nomination or after his election won't challenge him on anything--ever. Damn!!

Monday, May 15, 2017

Monday--May 15

Another nice sunny and warm day on tap. I just checked on all the plants in the gardens and they are doing well. In fact, one little strawberry surprised me with an open blossom. All of the sunflower seeds have sprouted upstairs and three of the beans. I hope I get around to planting some more cucumber seeds in the container itself.

We take so many things for granted--like going to the faucet and turning on flowing, (hopefully) clean water. How many of us think of how we would deal with not having that?