Saturday, November 17, 2007

politics, What Debate?

I have just slogged through 9 pages of the transcript of the latest debate between the Democratic candidates. I can't believe they call that crap a debate. Everyone agrees that immigration is a problem. Everyone agrees that health insurance, or rather the lack of affordable alternatives, is a problem. They all agree that Iraq is a problem. They all agree that we must address our energy dependence. But where are the specific proposals to meet the problems?

Clinton suggested we spend a lot of money on a nonspecific proposal to address part of the energy problem. I think it was some sort of energy pool, what ever that means. Obama described interlocking aspects of the immigration problem: border security, employers who hire undocumented aliens, etc. However, he gave no concrete proposals to address the issues. Richardson had barely gotten started when I had to stop reading and though Biden and Edwards had been brought in on the 'debate' none of them had anything specific to say.

At present none of them have given me any reason to vote for them. If the Republicans weren't such a repugnant bunch, I would consider one of them.

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