Friday, March 28, 2008

Religion/Politics, Phony Revelations, The biggest Social Security Scam, and other things

Mom received a forwarded message today.  It said that the Book of Revelation prophesied that the Anti-Christ would be a charismatic Muslim.  And then asked if Obama might be that Anti-Christ.  Then it suggested that the recipient forward the message to everyone they knew.  My reaction, after a string of swear words, was to note two things.  First, Obama is NOT a Muslim.  That story has been debunked repeatedly.  And his religion is irrelevant in any case.  Second, John wrote Revelation about FOUR HUNDRED YEARS before Muhammad was born.  I have read Revelation several times and I do not remember anything which could specifically describe anyone as a Muslim.  I said after 9/11 that Americans seemed to have lost their backbones and this message convinces me that nothing has changed, at least with some Americans.

To continue the ranting, here is a link I found by way of Me and the Cat this morning.  I think this opinion blogger has the situation about right.  To say that we are economically bankrupt, or nearly so, isn't saying nearly enough.  We are also morally bankrupt and the two go together.  Thank you Mark Morford of sfgate.  I couldn't say it better which is why I have linked to you.  I especially love the assessment that "America is apparently still being run by inbred white collar thugs who would blind their own mothers for an uptick in Exxon share prices."

By way of Entitled to Know an asinine suggestion from Robert Novak at the Washington Post.  Evidently the notion of cutting the Social Security taxes has floated around for some time.  Now, evidently, a McCain staffer told Novak the idea is 'no big deal.'  As noted by Entitled to Know, this is ironic considering the report by the trustees of the Social Security System that the fund will begin to run out of money by 2041.  So we should move up the date by slashing the taxes that sustain the system?  This whole argument burns me.  I have paid into the system for the last 40 years.  No one gave me a choice, which I think may not have been such a bad thing.  This particular tax was supposed to fund a system which would ensure that I would have at least a little something when I reached retirement age.  Perhaps not enough for me to quit work entirely but enough to at least provide a cushion. That was the bargain.  Since Saint Ronald, of not so pleasant memory, Conservatives have tried to convince me that this wasn't the bargain.  If it wasn't then give me back all I paid in plus interest.  But DO NOT sit there and tell me I am some kind of leach draining the life blood of the poor little generations who came after me.

Three rants are about all I can handle.  I think I will go get some breakfast and try to regain my equilibrium.  

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