Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Good Wednesday before Thanksgiving to you all. Hope everyone will have a nice holiday though holidays as real holidays are fast disappearing with the triumph of the Church of Commerce. As a non-believer I feel quite free to ignore the constant exhortations to join the sacrament of consumption. As you said Kay, there is little out there I need or want so I can skip the ceremonies of Black Friday midnight mass.

I wonder what the 'snews' media (and, no, that is not a typo) will do now that 'Dancing with the Stars' has had its season finale. Oh, damn, I forgot they premiered a new pseudo-reality show this week: 'Skating with the Stars.' They pre-empted 'Castle' (which I like) to put that shlock on. Every time they do something like that we debate whether our cable service is really worth the price. Sometime in the not to distant future we might just decide in the negative.

Then MSNBC had this item which spiked my cynicism meter. They really do need to repay historic thefts from Tribal resources and they need to redress the discrimination practiced against black farmers. However, to add spending to this bill that then will be paid for by taking money from the Women, Infants, and Children's nutrition program is unforgivable. But then that has been the caveat in the supposed Republican conversion to the anti-earmark position--slip a 'bit' more in that is tangentially related and make sure it goes to your state while paying for it by taking the social safety net.

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Kay Dennison said...

I gave up my cable a while back. I get all the news I can stomach (& then some) online and assorted other nonsense and I have Netflix which has a lot of the TV series and lots of movies. It works for me. No I don't get some things that I like but 15 bucks beats the hell outta 50.

This weekend I'll pay to watch the Buckeyes play online if I opt not to go to a party.