Sunday, November 27, 2016

Post-Thanksgiving Weekend--


Started planning for next spring's gardens. I have a long list of seeds I have on hand but most are way past their optimal dates and others don't do well in my space. Now that I have got the list I will consider each and decide what to get rid of and what to keep. I also need to map out the gardens so I can record where I put what. Why not use plant stakes, you ask? Well, I have yet to find a stake or a pen to label them with that will stand up to the heat and sun. I have said before that that little patio is an oven in the summer and a freezer in the winter. Winter gardening is totally out since my containers freeze solid until May. Summer gardening is a challenge since spring plants bolt readily and the variable temps can chill hot weather plants. Fall planting is a crap shoot since we may bet snow as early as October. This year we haven't had snow yet. Highly unusual.

David Kaiser's post today reflects conversations we have had here over the last year. We don't like much of what we see on the Republican side for policy and see no one on the Democratic side worth supporting.

Found this by way of Ronni at Time Goes By. We are, indeed, expendable and I wonder how long before which ones of us will be thrown under the bus.


It looks like we may get the worst of all options: a narcissistic bully and a religious culture warrior. I was glad when the Bully-in-Chief-elect nominated Pence because at least he wouldn't be governor of my state again. My second thought: oh, shit--what if they win. At the time I was only considering the possibility of a religious zealot a heart beat away from the Presidency. It looks like The Bully is going to run his businesses and let the Vice-Bully run the country.

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