Friday, February 24, 2017

February 20-24--

Monday, again, and it feels more like late March or early April than February. We even brushed 70F yesterday. I went out on the patio and cleaned out some of the dead plants I had left as ground cover and to let the roots rot in the soil. I transferred the purslane to cells of the tiered pot under my grow lights. I think I will have to transplant the two rosemary plants out of that pot into their own slightly larger pot. I should also move the basils out from under the starter tray canopy because they will soon be too tall.

I pulled out the crocodile stitch crochet work I had done. The stitch is pretty but it eats up yarn like a rabbit goes through a spring garden. I simply didn't have enough yarn to make anything useful in that stitch and I really didn't want to have to try and match what I had. I started a couple of light weight headscarves in a stitch I have used before and liked well. After I found a refresher course on line because finding it in my print collection was somewhat challenging.

I love this "Breaking News" alert from the Archdruidess. Absolutely hilarious!!

Another post from the Archdruidess but not a funny one. I read recently of wildlife biologists trying to help a starving whale that had a lot of plastic bags clogging its stomach. Little wonder it was starving.



Yesterday was a day of errands (planned and unplanned) that took us out of the house. Today will be a day of household chores. And it is supposed to be another day of record or near record high temperatures. Yesterday set a new record for days in a row of 60+ days in a row in February, tied the number of sequential days of 60+ days in a winter and today may break both. But starting tomorrow the temps should go back to almost normal for this time of the year. I have to constantly remind myself that we are still mid winter here not mid spring.

This is painfully hilarious! Refugees from the U.S. seeking asylum in Canada.



Nothing much to say talk about yesterday. I planted sweet basil, lemon basil, spearmint, and lime basil. Moved the Thai basil out of the heated starting tray. I am seeing more articles telling gardeners what seeds for their spring gardens now. They must all be a couple of growing zones south of me. I will start the seeds for the patio gardens in about two weeks. Everything I have started to date are for inside use. The tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers started earlier are small pot varieties and are doing well under lights. The eucalyptus I cut back severely is putting out some new shoots which makes me very happy. I should fill more of my starting cups and get them moistened and in the starting tray. Otherwise, I will decide what small part of my areas to straighten and clean up. As I get older I much prefer things neatly in their places and have become more strict with myself about putting things where they belong.

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