Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saturday--March 25

The weather forecast indicates we are going into a warmer but wetter period. Gardening outside will be scattered efforts as the weather allows. I cleaned out the lavender and the tiered pot, swept out some of the leaves that finally thawed out, and poked the garden fork or shovel into the pots to see how much had thawed out. When we went grocery shopping the other day we drove by one of the garden centers to check out their progress on the outside sales area they set up each spring. Not much progress yet. Just the shrubs and rose bushes that can be started almost as soon as the ground thaws out. The local Ace Hardware store hasn't set up its hoop-house garden shop either. I need to start a list of the plants I need to get this year. Several of the herbs didn't do well and I will replace them with transplants: lavender, lemon basil, thyme.

Ah, at last some of the mainstream media outlets are facing the truth about our "Prevaricator in Chief." He is a world class liar who wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in his over large ass.

I love the second half of the first sentence in this article: A change in complexion leads to a change in perception.

Did anyone else get a feeling of deja vu during the latest GOP attempt to deal with the ACA? The GOP leadership is now suffering from the same tactics they so enthusiastically embraced over the last seven years. Throughout the Obama administration the divisions within the Repthuglican party worked to their advantage because what one faction could agree to another wouldn't which doomed what ever particular legislation they were dealing with. That didn't matter when the primary goal was to make sure Obama got as little done as possible. Now, however, the divisions within the party are working against them and the leadership hasn't found a formula that provides enough satisfaction to all sides while minimizing their dissatisfactions to get their promised legislation through. Let's see what happens to tax "reform" now that the tax savings they expected from Obamacare "repeal and replace" aren't coming.

Sunday--March 26

Found several of my cucumbers have sprouted and one other set of cells with I don't remember what planted. Luckily I have all that written down. It is much too wet to do any digging but I did get some of the extraneous pots out of the little greenhouse and into the trash during a lull. I have to sit down with my drawing of the garden layout and make a new one in light of the impromptu changes we decided on. I can't quibble too much since the my plans actually continue a trajectory I have been on for about three years now. Two years ago I started reducing the number of plants I put in. I had more than reached the capacity both of the space and my energy. That continued last year and I started thinking about the oldest of my containers which are showing their age and are increasingly fragile. I was just debating when to take them out and with what to replace them. Well, they come out this year are we aren't replacing them. Instead we will rearrange the remaining large pots. I had already planned for fewer plants again this year.

I have a suggestion for all the politicians gnashing their teeth over the failure to pass Trumpcare and replace Obamacare. Start referring to Obamacare by its official designation "Affordable Care Act." Soon everyone will forget that it was passed during the administration of the first black president. That is their primary aim, isn't it? To erase Obama.

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