Sunday, May 27, 2007

I still hate job hunting...

The newspapers are thin and the job boards are almost as thin. I went to our local state employment office to look at any jobs that may not be posted on their web site. Most were taken from the newspapers or from Monster or CareerBuilder. Nothing much. I am playing with the online resume on Monster and will see what comes up.

Though the job hunting is coming up empty at least I am making some headway on my needlework. Ab0ve is a quillow I made for my brother for his 30th wedding anniversary in July. The quilt on the left folds up into a pocket to form the pillow on the right. It is the first quillow I have done and only the fifth or sixth quilting project I have finished. I am doing something very different for my sister-in-law and will post pictures as soon as I finish it.

Sometime ago my mother asked me to design and embroider some figures for a great-grandmother's jacket. She wanted a little figure for each of her children, grand-children and great-grandchildren that can be appliqued on to a jacket. It has been quite a project since she has four children, five grand children and eight great-grandchildren. I modified Sunbonnet Sue and Strawhat Sam for embroidery and now have all but four of the figures finished. Here are two of them.

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