Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poor Paul Wolfowitz!!!

According to MSNBC this morning Paul Wolfowitz blames the media for his messy exit from the World Bank. My what a load of self-pity. I don't know about any one else but I saw few stories on broadcast or print about his problems. I saw much more about Anna Nicole's baby, the dysfunctional Lohan family and its drug problems, a drunken, boorish David Hasselhoff, etc., than Wolfowitz. His problems are as much of his own making as the others, except the baby who inherited a mess she had no part in creating.

This ethically myopic man seems to forget that appearances do matter. What doesn't matter is whether his girlfriend was qualified for the job he approved her for or that the pay package he approved was in line for the position she was given. What did matter was that she was (is?) his girlfriend and he approved. The media simply reported the conflict of interest.

I guess I am not really surprised. After all, Mr. Wolfowitz was part of an administration whose ethically challenged state is made more apparent every day the hearing on the fired U.S. Attorneys continue. What does depress me is the willingness of the committee hearing the testimony to fall over themselves, with few and sporadic exceptions, to condone the behavior of a Justice Department for whom political partisanship is more important that competence.

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