Thursday, July 17, 2008

This is another day I intended not to post but then an idiocy I found while perusing the usual blogs I visit hit me between the eyes.  By way of Bitch PhD comes this from the Salon which got it from the New York Times.  The two things that hit me were: 1) the provision that ANY clinic that receives Federal aid cannot fire or refuse to hire those who for religious reasons refuse to discuss or dispense contraceptives, and 2) that the definition of 'abortion' would be extended to cover any method or medication that acts at ANY time after fertilization.  Since most of the hormonal birth control methods (including the emergency morning after pills) act to prevent the implantation of a fertilized ova, forget the most effective methods we have.  The result is that if you have a uterus, you only choice for birth control is abstinence or a chastity belt.  If you are raped and become pregnant, too bad--you will soon be called 'Mommy.'  If your partner's condom breaks and you become pregnant--congratulations on you new addition to the family.  Oh, you didn't want a child?  Tough s**t.  I wrote yesterday that the Bush administration is trying to get as much of its political and economic agenda on the board any way it can before they leave office.  This is another stealth piece. It isn't even legislation that our representatives can vote down.  It is a 'rule' working its way through the Department of Health and Human Services. Thank you New York Times!! But where is the rest of the news media?  Oh, I forget.  It doesn't touch the target demographic; i.e., 18-34 people without uteri.  Besides, it would be too much work to adequately explain such an insignificant piece of proposed BS.  

This will be short today.  I have to get some books back to the library and want to get back before the temperature gets too high.  It is supposed to be another 90+ day.  

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Kay Dennison said...

I've long contended that morality cannot be legislated. It's wasted effort. Many years ago my son asked how I could reconcile being a pro-choice Catholic with my faith. I explained that I can only make my own decisions and that because I had never had an unwanted pregnancy, I had no right to make decisions for another woman after asking myself what I'd do that occured and answering, "I don't know." I applaud women who take responsibility for their reproductive rights.

My daughter has no such rights. She is ill-advised to use any type of birth control except condoms because of my medical history of stroke -- which wasn't caused by the pill -- and she takes that seriously.

I guess the knitting needle abortions will be making a comeback.