Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yesterday I wrote that I thought Senator John Warner's attempt to re-establish a national speed limit would not be popular.  Today I found evidence of that on this site.  Generally, people want what they want NOW, they want it CHEAP, and they want NO RESTRICTIONS.  That is especially true with gasoline and vehicles.  

Entitled To Know has more on Senator McCain's notion that Social Security is a disgrace and hits hard on a problem I let go but perhaps shouldn't have.  The good Senator not only doesn't know much about economics (according to his own assessment, though he has lately tried to disown saying that) he doesn't know much about history either.  Interestingly, the second quote used in this article was featured on a news program earlier this week.  The reader noted that Senator McCain was trying to have things both ways; i.e., he claimed he didn't want to 'privatize' Social Security while describing President Bush's plan to privatize to a tee but not mentioning the word.  When I was a kid we called that 'talking out of both sides of your mouth' but I guess it would be rude for me to use that phrase for the 'straight talking' war hero candidate.  He wouldn't do such a silly thing, would he??

Some time ago I wrote that I was dubious, extremely dubious, that any of the candidates would be willing or able to bring about real change in the political system.  The question of whether any candidate, once elected, would be able to make changes should be obvious.  S/he can only propose.  Congress disposes.  The question of willingness is something else.  Shakesville contributors (see Petulant's column) have some comments on the passage of the FISA bill and noted the fact that Senator Obama voted for it.  Once again supposed security issues have trumped civil liberties and Senator Obama promises that he will carefully oversee the provisions of the FISA.  In the mean time, companies who had no legal right or obligation to provide information about their subscribers and customers get a retroactive pass.  All they need is a friendly letter from the government to the judge.  Sorry if I come across as deeply cynical and misanthropic but I think my assessment is spot on.

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Kay Dennison said...

Well said!!! All the candidates keep using the word 'change' but don't seem to get around about hbow they are going to change things. Call me skeptical but I sincerely doubt that any changes these bozos make will NOT benefit people like me. There's a "let them eat cake" attitude in this country for a very long time.