Monday, December 22, 2008

Good Morning on this very cold and snow covered three days before Christmas.  I did say it was cold, didn't I.  Well, we MIGHT make it out of the subzero freezer sometime today.  Unfortunately that is the only good news on the weather front.  Our weathermen are warning us to expect as much as 7 inches of snow over between ton
ight and late afternoon of Christmas Eve.  Part of that may come as freezing rain and sleet.  We will do our week's shopping today because we may be house bound for the next week.  

So what do I do in the mean time.  I usually shoo those two black blobs (aka, Damarimasu and Sawagimasu) off my chair (I know they contest the owner ship, but I am bigger) and work on one or more of the four projects I keep downstairs.  You can see three of them close up below.

This is a cross-stitch/embroidery table cloth.  It will take a while because the big projects always bore me if I work on them too long.  I always keep same smaller projects around to give myself a rest.  This is one of the last of the commercially printed projects I will do.  We aren't buying any more and any new projects will be all mine from start to finish.  Besides you need only so many tablecloths and most of those I would give needlework to don't use these.  They are still in the 'save it for special events mode.'  Needless to say the 'special event' never comes.

This is the start of a vest done in a lacy tunesian stitch.  I saw a technique last year where a knitter worked the vest in a single piece from the bottom edge to the beginning of the arm holes and then formed the top back and fronts from there.  I thought I would give it a try but in a crochet stitch since I don't knit.  That silver is really a gold but the flash washed out the color.

When I cleaned out my sewing section of the sewing/craft/computer room I took out several balls of left over yarn and decided it was time to do something with them.  So I brought out the old knitting spool and will make an area rug out of them.  

I know I promised four projects but I am having some difficulty getting all of the pictures on where I want them and keeping them there.  They seem to disappear suddenly.  I will put up more pictures later.

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Kay Dennison said...

It's brrrrrrrrrr here, too, although we haven't much snow. I'm heading out this morning to get somethings done.

I love seeing all your lovely needlework projects -- you really are talented!