Sunday, December 14, 2008

This is a nice story about connections.  I rather like connections perhaps because so much of modern life is disconnected.  Cynthia Bix describes a quilt her grandmother started 60 years before that she and her mother finished recently.  I don't have much like that around me.  Though I remember my grandmother's (my father's mother) quilts none passed down to me and she never worked on them while I was around.  I remember her crocheting while sitting under the trees on summer afternoons watching my brother and me taking the nap she insisted we needed.  No I did not learn to crochet or quilt from her or from my mother.  I learned those on my own.  I seem to learn better when I am self directed.  My memories are the only connections now.

It is a lazy Sunday.  After mulling over whether to post this now or wait for tomorrow when more might catch my fantasy, I decided to post now.  

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