Monday, August 10, 2009

Good Morning, everyone. It has been hot and humid here for the last three days. Only the second week all summer containing any days over 90 degrees. We have had to put the air on more because of the humidity than the heat.

I found this little item posted by John Aravosis on Americablog this morning. Wonderfully ironic and so right on.

Good Morning, again. I started this Monday and didn't get back to it. We do our shopping on Monday and, sometimes, I just don't finish off what I started before hand. Luckily nothing I do has to be done immediately. So now it is Thursday. I have spent a good part of that time trying to rescue my broccoli and brussels sprouts from cabbage worms. Damned little things just suddenly appeared and did considerable damage before I realized they were there. With the heat, which has now moderated a bit, I only went out early in the morning to water and inspect the gardens. Everything was fine Monday morning. Tuesday several of the plants were half eaten. The culprits are now decomposing in my compost bin. I am reluctant to spray. I don't want anything that will hurt the bees, which are finally showing up. I may get some acorn squash yet this year.

I found an interesting little blog by Michael Freedman this morning at Newsweek by way of MSNBC. It reflects a few ideas that have been rattling around my brain for a good many years. We like to boast "We're Number One!!" But we have to be very careful of that boast. In what way are we number one? Obviously not when it comes to life expectancy (we are well behind other industrialized countries). Nor when it comes to infant and maternal health (here we are even behind some supposedly underdeveloped countries). Nor when it comes to industrial production (we won't even go here). And then we have the right wing talking idiots telling us to be afraid that Obama is going to turn us into Europe??? As the kids say 'WTF???'.

In line with the above is the post from Margaret And Helen (written by Helen this time). File it under either the 'be careful what you wish for' or the 'my god what do these people think with' categories. How many have not seen that clip on the coverage of the 'town hall meetings that degenerated into screaming mobs' of the man yelling that elected officials should keep their 'government hands off' his medicare? I don't wish for an America where women visited the beauty parlor weekly. They never could do anything with my hair. I do wish for an America where people could read what they criticize. From what I hear of the health care non-debate, most of them can't. They rely on Palin, Limbaugh, Hannity and Co. to do both their reading and their non-thinking.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Cabbage worms, never knew they existed. Sounds like, the little buggers can do damage in a short time.

America has a lot of stupid pride, always wanting to be number one. Rome was the same way and look what happened to them.

These people that listen to Palin and Rush are brain dead. None of them understand the issues and they are causing a lot of useless fear. They haven't discovered yet, fear no longer can be used as a controlling device against us :)

Have a good week end!