Friday, November 13, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone. Chilly but the sun is coming up so at least we will have that. All the rain from Ida went well south and east of us. We are seeing more frost on the roof tops. Can't tell about the cars since we put the plastic sheeting over the windows a month ago and have a 6ft fence in back. The trees are well past peak color and most have lost their leaves. We see the piles all over town as we go on our errands.

Well, here is something to get your blood up by way of Huffington Post this morning. Evidently, Goldman Sachs studied the potential effect of health care reform legislation on the STOCK PRICES of the five largest insurance providers. Goldman concluded that the best option (i.e., would provide the best increase in stock prices) would be (drum roll, please) NO REFORM AT ALL. Surprise, Surprise!!! (dripping sarcasm). The second best, looking at this metric, would be a watered down version of the Senate bill. Damn, and I thought they couldn't water the thing down any more than they already have. I guess that tells us exactly where the health of 47 million American men, women and children ranks with our corporate masters. Well below the fraking stock prices of the five largest insurance companies. Also notice that isn't profits.

This little item from Gawker brought a sardonic chuckle all around. I couldn't find any link to verify his statement that barista jobs at Starbucks now require a graduate degree but I think he is right on on his summation. I have made similar observations whenever I see ads for various 'colleges' (names of which I don't recognize) or hear the President or one of his people tout education as a way out of un/underemployment. Especially when the students will get out of the programs with a backbreaking load of debt and a chancy (still) job market.

It is now late afternoon and the clouds have moved in. I finished cleaning our plant shelves today. That area becomes a bit of a catch all so most of the effort went into getting things put away. But I also had some small glass candle holders that I needed to clean out so I could refill them--essentially make new candles. I got two poured but will need to get some more of my wax remainders out to get the last four done. I use my small votive candles to form the cores so I don't have a lot of fiddling to do with the wicks.

I haven't seen anything else worth commenting on so I will post now and see you tomorrow.