Sunday, November 29, 2009

Good Morning, Everyone, on this sunny (or soon to be sunny, it is still early here) Sunday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And no, we are not participating in either. The Christmas frenzy has become increasingly irrelevant, though massively irritating. We don't need much and there is even less that we want, so what is the point? Of course, that isn't what retailers want to hear. (Update on weather--NOT sunny and we just had one hell of a thunderclap that shook the house.) (Update on the Update--we are now getting a heavy rain and it is quite cold as well.)

I found this article on MSNBC which provided a deja vu moment. The major flaw in this article is the author's failure to mention the several drawbacks to Monsanto's Round Up based technology (Round Up itself, and Round Up 'ready' seeds) like the increased use of the herbicides and the natural development of Round Up ready weeds some of which are very aggressive. The focus, instead, is on Monsanto's monopoly on the technology. Dupont has joined the legal fight over Monsanto's refusal to license the technology so other bio-tech firms could piggyback on it. It reminds me of the fight over Microsoft's business practices which is still not fully settled in Europe. Sadly, I expect that the legal arguments will have more effect than environmental ones in modifying Monsanto's behavior.

I absolutely loved this New York Times article and nominate Judge Noah Dear for 'Judge of the Year.' I hope more judges start holding collections agencies responsible for finding the right people to sue. This is the second time this past week a judge has had me cheering. The first was when I saw the news story about the judge who blasted a mortgage company for its behavior toward a homeowner it had foreclosed on and then cancelled the entire mortgage debt. The entire debt!! The company had filed the foreclosure after months of rejecting every offer from the family to refinance the mortgage. The judge found the family's offers very reasonable and the company's actions in refusing to even discuss them reprehensible. I think these collections agents and mortgage 'bankers' are better candidates for drawing and quartering than lobbyists, Kay. Do it in public and have a grand picnic celebration!!


Looking to the Stars said...

The sun is shining here, we were suppose to get snow but it has'nt shown up. Not breaking my heart none :)

Take care and have a good week :)

Kay Dennison said...

I really hate this season -- we seem to have forgtten the reason.
And like you, I don't think I need/want anything other than financial security which Santa isn't gonna bring.

I don't know/understand the Monsanto thing so I'm passing on it.

Oh yeah!!!!! Judge Dear is a dear! It's overdue that someone had the cojones to nail these ________ (insert cuss words of your choice)!

And hell yeah! These guys deserve whatever they get -- and since so many metaphoroically draw and quarter ordinary mortals, it's only fair that they experience it literally!

Thanks for your excellent comment today. From the beginning both Afghanistan and Iraq, both have felt like another Viet Nam. And something I've learned is that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck!

I still support the troops -- especially since my big little brother (as I call him cause he's taller than me but 15 years younger -- lol) is serving in Iraq -- but I think we're wasting time, money and lives needlessly.