Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Morning, All. It turned into a nice sunny day yesterday and is supposed to be the same today. However, they expect that will change as of tomorrow. Two overnight chances of snow this week. We'll see how that turns out. If we get any it will be sloppy. Thankfully we don't have to go out in it.

Didn't have much to say yesterday. The news has been dominated by the faux pas of party crashers at the White house and Tiger Woods' accident. Nice that the news media has such light weight stories to follow and can ignore or give short shrift to any meaningful news.

We have also been subjected to a series of reports concerning that study that found that most of our chicken (gasp!!! horror!!!) are growing various bacteria and, of course, how we can avoid getting sick from them. What the reports tell me is that people just don't know how to cook any more. And by that I mean more than simply sticking the damned bird in the oven, or stew pot, or frying pan. People evidently don't know that they aren't supposed to cut up vegetables they intend to eat raw on the same board they cut up the chicken on unless they wash the board first. As I listened to the report I remembered my grandmother walking out in the barnyard in the morning, choosing her victim, decapitating it on the spot, gutting and cleaning it in the open air before taking it back into the house to cook. Most modern researchers would probably mess their drawers thinking about that. But I don't remember having even a case of the runs after eating any chicken Grandma served.

There isn't much to say today either. I won't be watching the President's address on Afghanistan tonight. He inherited a mess and none of his options are good. I will read all about it tomorrow. See you then.


Looking to the Stars said...

We are suppose to get snow tomorrow, this time we just might get some so hubby and I ran out to get some groceries :)
They (meaning the city council) put the axe to plowing the roads except major ones. I am so thankful that our office is in our home so we don't have to drive but my heart goes out to those that do.

I think that the media needs to leave Tiger Woods alone. it's none of our business what went on.

I also, will read what Obama says in the paper.

I do not use cutting boards, I use a plate. And I agree with you that no one knows how to prepare food anymore. Makes you think twice before eating anywhere :)

take care, kiddo have a good one

Kay Dennison said...

My grandmother did the same. I remember watching her one day and I couldn't eat chicken for months.

My wooden cutting board is for veggies and the non-porous 'wonder fiber' one is for meat.

I wish the media would stay out of people's personal lives, too.

I missed Obama's speech. It doesn't matter what he says, I still think we need to get the hell out.

Boomer Chick said...

Oh I would love some snow! The Farmer's Almanac said we're going to have it the worse this year than ever and it's going to happen in February, so we'll see how that goes. I love the white stuff!