Thursday, December 10, 2009

Good morning on this very frigid day. The temps sank to low single digits last night and are not supposed to get above the low teens. With winds in the 30+mph range the wind chills will be really nasty. But, then, we don't have to go anywhere and can enjoy the bright sun and blue skies without suffering the cold.

Charles Hughes Smith at oftwominds has another interesting post today on fragile systems, of which our political/economic/social structures provide an example, and the problems of sustaining them. I think it is worth a glance. Take a look at some of his other posts. He makes a lot of sense.


As you can tell I didn't finish off yesterday's post. I had a bit of a frustrating time with the internet yesterday. Some of it was connectivity problems where the Comcast link failed and another was an early problem with Facebook. Those seem to be resolved now.

It is still cold but at least the wind has died down. We didn't get much snow and most of the sidewalks and streets cleared up quickly.

I found this interesting article at MSNBC this morning. I have seen some stories about the problem of drug resistant diseases resurfacing (TB for example) but this is the first story that links climate change to the spread of a disease and its vector, mosquitos in this case. An interesting point to this story: even if we are looking at simple weather variations the problem will not go away if a 'normal' weather pattern comes back because the vector and the disease organism are rapidly adapting. I wonder how many other old 'friends' are out there waiting for the opportunity to rise up again and bite us in our posterior regions?

On that note I will give this up for the day. See you all tomorrow.


Looking to the Stars said...

I think we are going to see a lot of old dieases and new. One thing that gets my goat is I think they do have a cure for a lot of things but foundations make so much money, they don't want the cure to become public. But thats just my opinon :)

Kay Dennison said...

I still remember polio season as a child. And my parents breathing a huge sigh of relief.