Monday, December 28, 2009

Good Morning, everyone. Hope you all had a really nice Christmas. We spent ours at my sister's for a small gathering for dinner. Nice and quiet with good company. Now we are looking at the result of two days of snow. Luckily we are not in the strip north and west of Chicago that got a foot or more. Ours only totaled, maybe, five inches. And it will be here for a while because the temps are supposed to remain below freezing.

The retrospective shows are beginning to sprout like dandelions. Some are focused on the year that was while others look at the last decade. (There are the purists who insist that the first decade of the century doesn't end till next year but frankly I wish they would shut up. I don't think it matters much whether you think a decade should go for 0 to 9 or from 1 to 0.)

MSNBC has an article that sums up my feelings--we have been running fast to wind up where we began and, perhaps a little behind where we began. That is pretty much my situation. I am pretty much where I started out but with a much less clear notion of where I might go from here. After a fruitless job search back in 1999 I shifted gears and went for training in a new field. It looked like a good fit for me and like a growing field with plenty of opportunity. As it turns it didn't work out on both counts. And after a decade I am back where I started with fewer prospects and considerably less enthusiasm.

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Kay Dennison said...

Glad you had a good holiday -- have missed your posts!!!! We got 3-4 inches here. Retrospectives are nice but unless we learn from their lessons, I don't really see the need.

I like your summation. I think most of us feel the same way. Ten years ago I had great hopes as I began a new phase of my life. Unfortunately, the world dashed them. I was probably being naive --a terrible thing at my age. I'm trying hard not to look ahead these days and deal with things as they come. 'Hope' is too ethereal for me.