Friday, December 4, 2009

Hello, on this very frosty Friday Morning. We woke up to temps under 30 for the first time in months. No snow here, however. At least no accumulating snow. North of Chicago was a different story according to the news. They got enough to make driving miserable for people who have forgotten how to drive in it. Have I said before how glad I am that I don't HAVE to go out in that kind of mess? I am sure I have but it is worth saying again--I am so glad I don't have to go out in that kind of mess.

Well, I did something today that I haven't had to do in three years of blogging--I rejected a comment. It wasn't really a comment. Whoever the anonymous e-mailer was I have no idea but I do know I don't want my blog to be a vehicle for people selling either to me or misusing the comments to sell to others. So, with a snarl and sneer, I hit the reject button.

I saw several headlines describing Bernanke, at his re-confirmation hearings, as channeling Willie Sutton. Firedoglake has an extensive quote which puts the whole thing in context. Willie Sutton, as Bernanke noted, said he robbed banks because 'that's where the money is.' And right now, the money to balance the budget is, in Bernanke's mind, in entitlements. The basic point they aren't saying out loud is that the proposal is still robbery except that it won't be done with a gun but with a vote in congress and a stroke of a Presidential pen. Of the two thieves, I prefer Willie Sutton. At least he was honest. (For a fuller description, which only increased my nausea, look at this HuffingtonPost blog.)

Update on the weather--we have had episodes of sun punctuated with very light flurries. Would be nice but for the wind.


Looking to the Stars said...

Our weather was cold but the sun came out :)

Someone tried to sell you something on your blog? That takes the cake, of all the nerve!!!! I swear people have no respect, glad you rejected it!

Take care, kiddo

Kay Dennison said...

No snow here either.

I've been getting spam comments for ages (in Japanese -- thank you babelfish) and rejecting them and I agree that they have no place on my blog. I had one the other day that was so bad and purported to come from Ball State so I contacted their website and sent it to them and asked them to take precautions. I checked and Blogger doesn't seem to have any controls in place.

I'm going to have something to say about Bernanke on my post tomorrow. I have been against him for a long time. I am a 'sound money' gal for a long time and think 'printing press economics is evil. Economics isn't my area of expertise (do I have one?) but it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that just printing money is plain damn foolish. And yeah -- I prefer Willie Sutton, too. What I find interesting that the support to axe Bernanke crosses the political spectrum from ultra conservatives to socialists.

And I can't wait to see what glorious new things you've done!!!