Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Good Morning, Good People. The weather isn't anything to talk about so I won't. The politest word that comes to mind is 'miserable.'

The weather isn't the only thing that is miserable. I found this on MSNBC while on my way to the e-mail. It seems that if pouting Republican Senators can't stymie legislation with their 40 votes (of 100) in the Senate they will try to do so by urging state governors to challenge the constitutionality of the 'Nebraska Compromise' (and by implication the other bribes to specific states). The really sad thing: I think they have a good case. If Nelson and the some of the other Dems were walking the streets they would have been arrested for prostitution and Reid for solicitation. This is a sad and disgusting spectacle.

Here is another item from MSNBC that is sad and disgusting. I hate these wars. I think our leaders went into them in a fit of testosterone poisoning that disconnected their brains and then they badly mismanaged the enterprises from the start. But the veterans are not to blame and should be given all of the benefits promised them not jacked around by the inept bureaucracy our government has become (whether run by Democrats or Republicans.)


Kay Dennison said...

I agree with you completely. I keep thinking of ways I could become an expatriate. This is the country that I loved and was proud to be a part of. 'Honor' is no longer an adjective we can use when discussing our leaders.

Jennifer said...

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