Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Morning, Again. We have measurable snow this morning and expect more tomorrow night into Wednesday plus the coldest temps of the season so far. Luckily we can choose when we go out and can miss much of the mess. The traffic reports detailed multiple car crashes on the northern highways as people who have forgotten how to drive in these conditions relearn the art.

Thanks for the comments on the quilts, Kay and Lois. I do love the ways these have turned out. I love color and then to see new patterns come up because of the interaction of the color and positioning of the pieces and blocks. My piecing is always improvisational. I start with a general idea and then see where it goes. We put up the design wall as I was doing the Mother Goose quilt and I simply love it. I can try out the fabrics and positioning before stitching.

Anecdotal Economics has a cynically amusing dissection of last weeks labor statistics that is worth a read. He expands the traditional categories of deception that I refer to frequently (lies, damned lies, and statistics [giving credit to Benjamin Disraeli and Mark Twain for the phrase]) and expands it with 'white lies,' 'Government statistics,' and 'campaign promises.' The last two take deception to a whole new level of artistry.

I went in to continue the post I started yesterday (Tuesday) and found this one which I thought I had already posted. That is what I get for thinking!!! Well here it is now.

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