Friday, December 18, 2009

Hello, again, everyone. The weather isn't much to talk about. Cold, overcast and snow expected. They say we have a good chance of a white Christmas.

I found a couple of entries in the 'companies acting badly' folder. This one is by way of MSNBC and concerns a lawsuit filed by the Washington (state) Attorney General against DirectTV. In case you think that the article makes a good case for going with DISH Network instead, not that they settled a lawsuit earlier this year that claimed similar abuses. Then there is this (also by way of MSNBC.) It simply re-confirms my decision to never carry another credit card again.


We woke to a light coating of snow--perhaps an inch and a half. We are expecting more though not nearly as much as the east coast is supposed to get.

So Obama brokered a deal that allows countries to set their own non-binding agreements on carbon reduction, has no enforcement mechanism and provides a pittance to the most vulnerable undeveloped countries and is now crowing about it. I am, as I have been so frequently of late, totally underwhelmed. The TimesOnLine provides a pretty good summary. One comment I get very tired of hearing is the one citing such 'achievements' as 'good first steps' or 'not everything everyone wanted.' Actually it is everything SOME wanted--which is precisely NOTHING.

We have had light snow all day but the temps were high enough that not a lot stuck to the sidewalks and the car. But it was enough that our handy man was out plowing the parking area. It is supposed to snow through some of tomorrow but, for now, Monday and Tuesday are supposed to be clear and sunny.


Looking to the Stars said...

The weather here has been nice during the day then dipping very low at night. Suppose to get snow on Wed.

The credit card thing is getting so wierd. It looks like we are going back to the '70s where the only people who had credit cards were the very rich. Makes you wonder what they are up to.

Thanks for the emails. I got a big kick out of them :)

Kay Dennison said...

Got some snow here, too. I've heard some horror stories about DirectTV and Dish Network. I cancelled Time Warner because it's awfully expensive so it's radio, the local fish wrapper and online news for me. I got Netflix instead.

Why would anyone even consider that credit card? I know, I know . . . Barnum was right.

And yeah, weve been sold out by the people who are supposed to be on our side.