Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hi, everyone. It was a lazy day yesterday. Didn't do much of anything. We had some nice sunshine for most of the day. Then in the afternoon the clouds came in. No precipitation though and the next system may miss us.

This is the kind of story that makes Mary VERY Contrary. Actually it pisses Mary off totally. This is a variety of 'rationing' that the Republican and conservative Democrats don't mind. I say that because they obviously are doing everything to either perpetuate it or even extend it. One of the newscasts earlier this week discussed the extension of Medicare to people between 55 and 62 which appears to have replace the very weak public option and the reporter noted that the cost would be $1500/month for couples and families. That is simply not acceptable. Not when the gold plated coverage our legislators can get costs one third of that PER YEAR.


It is now a damp and cold Monday. What I said about Saturday applies several fold to Sunday. Part of the problem was boredom. I looked at what was on tv and turned the damned thing off. We have a good collection of dvd and tape but I really didn't want to see any of them again. I am still somewhat disappointed with the new Harry Potter movie and, unfortunately, my disappointment isn't because I have compared the movie to the book and found the movie wanting. The movie on its own is lacking. It doesn't develop Voldemort or explain him. It doesn't explain how Dumbledore was injured nor does it really develop Dumbledore's character. The special effects were as good as always but the character development simply wasn't there.

Hopefully, this week will be more psychologically satisfying.

To continue with other things--THIS is why I really don't expect much out of the Copenhagen climate talks. We aren't getting much news about the talks from our news media and what we are getting seems to focus on unruly demonstrators and arrests of the more violent ones. No one seems interested in the issues behind the disputes and confrontations.


Kay Dennison said...

I agree on the healthcare thing.

Haven't seen Harry Potter yet.

Lovely day in Ohio. I put up decorations outside wearing a sweater and jeans and wasn't even chilly. Weird weather.

Looking to the Stars said...

I agree with you and Kay about the healthcare.

We too, have a huge dvd library. We have the new Harry Potter but are saving it. We are going to watch all of them together. Should be a one or two day thing :)

Our weather is getting a little warmer but still very cold at night.

take care, kiddo