Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good Morning, Everyone. It is already warm and humid. The weather people predict a high in the low 90s with a heat index (heat + humidity) over 100. Needless to say my gardening will be early and light. I really don't have much to do. I want to get everything watered well and will probably have to water the tomatoes and small containers again this evening. I would like to get a bunch of plastic containers cut down so I can stack them away for next year but that might wait. The nice thing about not having to go out to work is that nothing is so pressing that I have to do it now.

HuffingtonPost has this article which covers the results of three polls which showed considerable support for either extending unemployment benefits or doing something else to ease the unemployment numbers even if it increased the budget deficit. Even the Bloomberg poll indicated that 70% thought reducing unemployment is more important that reducing the deficit. That poll showed the lowest level of approval (47%) for extending unemployment benefits. The ABC and CBS polls showed majorities in favor of that option. And yet we can't get ANY measures to relieve unemployment through our so-called legislative branch of government.

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