Monday, August 23, 2010

Good Monday morning to everyone and hope you all had a very nice weekend. Ours was. Temps moderate and likely to stay that way through the week. The potential for rain seems to be dissipating so it should stay dry as well. I saw a number of peppers that are ready to harvest and pop into the dehydrator. If I wanted a second crop of beans I could take some but we already have 5 quart freezer bags of them. The ones on the vines now are going to go for seeds. I peeked at the eggplant I put in to dry yesterday and they are looking very nice. I will package them up a little later. In addition to the pepper I have herbs on the agenda--basil and sage in particular.

I found this article from Xinhuanet by way of HuffingtonPost. All I can say is welcome to our world. China has entered the 21 century for sure. Now they really know the meaning of 'traffic jam' and 'construction season.'

This writer in the Charlotte Observer has a humorous take on the tomato situation this year. It somewhat parallels my own. Last year my tomatoes suffered from the cold summer. This year they are suffering through the heat. Either way my slicing tomatoes simply haven't produced all that well. Those I have gotten are wonderful. I have also lost count of the number of 90+ days.

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