Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good morning, all. We are under a heat advisory/warning out here today and through the weekend unless they modify that a bit. Not likely since the temps are expected to be in the 90s with heat indices going into the low 100s. Today, as yesterday and probably the next three days, I got my gardening done early. We harvested some eggplant (moussaka for dinner today), tomatoes, mexibelle, gypsy and big bertha peppers, a half quart of yardlong beans (I am working on my fifth quart bag in the freezer--we will have plenty for the winter) and bunches of stevia, basil and sage. I will be busy drying it all today. Gardening is like so much else in life--hurry up and wait. You hurry up to get everything planted, wait till it is ready to harvest, and then hurry up to either use it, freeze it, or dry it. The nice thing about a small set of container gardens is that the hurry up is not overwhelming.

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