Sunday, November 8, 2015


Heavy frost overnight.  Though it hasn't felt particularly warm we are three weeks past our normal first killing frost date which indicates we haven't been particularly cold either.  Next week is more of the same just no 70s in the forecast.  Plenty of 50s and 60s with lows in the 30s and 40--and one possible dip into the high 20s.

So on to what I am reading.

Found this item early on.  It sparked our usual conversation about our situation and what we would do under what circumstance.  We are lucky.  Mom has good insurance thanks to her late husband's long employment with and retirement from the steel mills.  I have no health concerns so far.  But it does piss me off that we, the American public, were sold a pig in a poke scammed with the Affordable Care Act (which is neither affordable nor reliable care when you need it). Instead we were saddled with a system rigged to provide maximum profits for the insurance companies and minimum service for their captive customers.

For years Mom and I have been amused by the juxtaposition of headlines which screamed, alternately, that the consumers weren't spending (horror of horrors) and that savers were not saving enough. From Lambert Strether's remarks leading into this piece by Don Quijones the powers-that-be aren't too worried about savers not saving anymore. Instead they worry about "withholding consumption." I agree with the assessment that we are giving up our privacy and anonymity for the illusion of convenience.

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