Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Cleaned out the last three planters so the gardens are totally in winter mode.  Still have to finish cleaning up but we should have good weather for that.  Now to start filling in the plans for next year. The new seed catalogs should be starting to arrive soon.

Does this surprise anyone?  Why would we think that Porsche would be honest about their emission software when the parent company, VW, cheated as easily as we breathe? Cheating seems to be the strategy du jour.

I hope the Obama administration puts a stake in this vampire and ends the uncertainty.  Although the article focuses on the political climate, which has turned unfavorable, I wonder if TransCanada isn't also considering the economic climate--prices in the $40-50/barrel aren't exactly profitable.  Perhaps their execs are hoping that both the political and economic circumstances might improve in two years.

This study calls into question several bits of employment advice I have heard over my lifetime. The "any port in a storm" advice--take anything to just keep some income coming in--doesn't hold for middle aged workers. That leads to short term, limited gains and long term losses.  Especially if the worker is "overqualified" for the position. And the same goes for the notion that you can take a low level job and work into something better either at the company you already work for or at another. Those intro jobs ("burger flipping") don't have any career ladder leading upward and the bridge to better jobs at another company may have been washed out by our current economic conditions. I wonder how the results might change if the authors had included a 20-something category.

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