Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Morning again , everyone. We are having another day with sun, at least to start out with. It seems the cloud cover ended somewhere near Chicago for the last couple of days. It can stay there for all I care. The snow cover is disappearing at an amazing rate on the south sides of our buildings. The difference between our front spaces (south facing) and the ones across the street (north facing) is startling. Hardly anything left on our side. Unfortunately the back patio is not so far along. The weather people predict some rain along with the higher temps over the weekend and I wouldn't mind. It will wash away the snow more quickly. I am getting up the gumption to get some of the seeds started in that mini-greenhouse my sister gave us last fall and to get some of the plastic jugs cut for planting. I hope that they will provide a protected space for some of the plants that had a hard time competing for root space last year and that they will work on the trellises. We will see.

I hear you about the games on face book, Lois. I am also thinking about pruning the games I play. Too many and they waste time. A good many I got into because family wanted neighbors. I can not play them and still be a neighbor for them--and a couple are going to go that route.

I just found a sneaky little item on the blog this morning. I said a while back that I wasn't going to approve any comments that were anonymous or selling something. Someone came in and tried to post a comment on a post I put up more than a month ago. I accidentally approved it and had to go in and find the blasted thing again to correct my mistake. I wonder if someone found an old post and either didn't realize it was old or thought they could get it in under the radar. Don't know. Anyway, it is now gone.

I have noticed a number of stories on the mainstream broadcast news concerning the cost to the U.S. economy of food borne illness lately. Sometime ago I established a google alert for just that kind of thing. Mainly I want to see if the recalled food is something I buy and if it is sold at any of the stores we patronize. So far, except for hamburger, not much has affected us. But I will continue looking at that alert very carefully and any other news stories on the topic.


Kay Dennison said...

They do the same thing on my blog, Mary. I get email notifications and they make it past that. I'm really getting angry about it.

Looking to the Stars said...

If someone makes a comment on an old post, it takes me forever to notice it. I got two asian comments awhile back, when I translated them, they were selling sex comic books. I just deleted them. A person who would advertise like that doesn't have a brain cell in thier head.

take care :)