Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good Sunday Morning, everyone. We did get some rain over night but the temps did not drop too far over night. I hope the sun will shine and it will be warm enough to get some of the trellises up today. You don't have to get too exhausted thinking about my gardening, Lois. Even in the height of the growing season when I have to check for bugs and do more trimming, etc., it doesn't take more than a couple of hours a day. I really like the container system though it is somewhat limited in space. Most of the experts say that you can grow anything except corn but I wonder if that is more a limitation of the size of most containers. I haven't had the itch to find out yet.

I found this little item on HuffingtonPost this morning. They got it from the New York Times. Several things struck me about the story. First, I wonder what percentage of the Tea Party members depend on government programs for their life lines. The article features several. Further, I wonder how many have looked at the number of their compatriots who advocate ending the Social Security and Medicare benefits they depend on? They aren't necessarily for less over all government; they are against the corporate socialism that has grown up during this latest economic downturn. But there was another item that hit me: the comments from Diana Reimer who said that with the Tea Party Movement she 'felt respected.' I can relate. It wasn't often during my working life that I felt respected, emotionally satisfied, or well compensated. That is as corrosive to one's spirit as being extremely short of money.

I also found Jeffrey McQueen's comments interesting. He blames the government for the loss of American jobs, including his own. Again, I can relate to this argument. Both parties have pushed so-called free trade agreements which have made it easier for companies to take jobs overseas. Problem, again, is that one of the two parties who were very committed to those agreements is now trying very hard to harness the movement for their own political gain. What makes Mr. McQueen think that, if the Republicans ride to power on Tea Party discontent, they will change a philosophy which has contributed to his troubles?

My last observation on this article: I have long noticed the growing and increasingly bitter distrust of the government. I have shared it. My distrust of politicians and government is one reason why I was very skeptical of Obama's promises. It is also why I spend time looking at politics; not because I think I can change what is going on but because I want to see what the bastards are doing so I can mitigate the impact on my life.

I understand your dislike of generic drugs, Lois. I often wonder if they are really equal to the name brand. I know one case in which they are certainly not. My mother takes Synthyroid and when she questioned her doctor about why he insisted on the name brand he told her that the generic tends to give false readings on the blood tests. Having just spent a year trying to get her thyroid medication balanced out again she gets the Synthyroid and pay extra because it isn't 'formulary' on her drug plan. We would like to see the rules changed so that drug plans have to allow you to get the drugs your doctor prescribes for you. Unfortunately, can and do insist on the cheaper alternative of generics whether the physician has reasons for prescribing the name brand or not.


Kay Dennison said...

It was 22 here yesterday. Grey and rainy today. Need I say more? I am not even thinking about Spring.

So the Tea Party is about racism ("I don't trust this government.")
ad self-esteem? I would find it hypocritical to be living on government funds and rail against it. Yeah, I'm on Social Security and no, it isn't really enough but I manage and try not to compain about it.

I think Mr. McQueen et all are deluded if they think Sarah and the GOP will answer their prayers.
They had 8 years to make things better and didn't.

I, too, distrust both sides. We ordinary mortals almost always get short shrift.

As to generic drugs, I take no brand name prescriptions so I can't say if brand names are better. I'll be discussing one of my scrips soon because it doesn't appear to be doing anything to help and I thought that from the beginning but gave it a try in a rare display of cooperation. LOL I just don't like taking pills.

Looking to the Stars said...

You are such a sweetie, I still wish I had your energy :)
I have been taking a whey protein drink everyday and that helps me but I don't have the energy I had 5 years ago, I tire very easy now. I used to be able to clean my house in one day now I can only clean one room a day. Reminds me of the Rolling Stones, "What a drag it is getting old" LOL

The drug plans they have for people are such a pain. My in laws go thru the same thing where they have to have non generic medication and the insurance plan doesn't pay for it. They get it at Sam's here in our city, they live in Grand Junction where they don't have a Sam's. So they do it here when they come for a visit.

take care :)