Friday, March 12, 2010

TGIF, everyone. Yet another week ends. It doesn't really make much difference here since both of us have no demands on our time and aren't bound by the workweek cycle. Since today is my library day I won't be spending as much time on line as usual.

Thanks, Jane, for dropping in and I plan to return the visit a bit later.

However, I found this Newsweek article in my Google alerts this morning. It tweaks a couple of chords in my mind. For some time I have been cogitating and daydreaming about what it would be like if a large part of the population decided to drop out of the rat race we have been conditioned to accept. The little comment the author makes about college degrees being pricey status symbols and little more really hits home since I am the proud owner of four such degrees and have little else but pride to show for it. Over the past couple of decades I have found most governments, especially at the Federal level, less and less responsive to my needs. Worse what ever I had expected to receive for my taxes has been repeatedly threatened by so called budget hawks who feel no moral responsibility to follow through with the promises made in the past.

Jay Bookman at makes a point I wish those self-righteous idiots who voted against extending the unemployment benefits would take notice of--not that there is much chance they will. It must soothe their souls to think that the unemployed are lazy and need only the swift kick of eviction and starvation to get their butts in gear to find a job. That way the vote against aid becomes a moral stand for which they can pat themselves on the back. But it would be nice if, as they argue for tax cuts for business because they think that would enable businesses to hire more people (which doesn't necessarily happen), they would realize that even if every one of the jobs that are allegedly open were filled that would still leave 4 of the five unemployed still unemployed. What do our political leaders plan to do to help them?


Kay Dennison said...

I, too, have a useless degree and thank God I passed on grad school do I found the Newsweek article interesting. If I didn't need medical care, I think I would like to try 'off the grid'.

We have been sold out by our leaders and that isn't going to change.

Looking to the Stars said...

I agree with Kay that we have been sold out. But, I think that has been going on since the 1800's.

In the late 60's my in laws became hippies and joined the commune, dropping out of society. My husband was 9, they grew all of their own food and bought what they could not grow. It was a hard life and the commune lasted only 5 years.

My husband learned a lot about farming and he has fond memories of those years, his parents do not.

Have a good day, are you picking up some new books to read?

I am feeling better, even tho I was sick I had to play Castle Age :)

But, I am slowing down on that too. My husbands cousins are talking about a family reunion, one of my husbands friends passed away yesterday, we got the internet fixed for the business and I really would like a long vacation :)

Take care