Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Good morning, everyone. Rainy and cool today. I wonder if we will even make it to 70. In spite of all the rain we had over the last week a few of my tomatoes needed extra water. That surprised me a bit. Everything else is doing fine with the rain and the little jungle is growing fast. Almost all of the peppers and tomatoes have blossoms and the marigold is blooming very well.

I found this article on one of my Google alerts this morning. We generally don't buy Tropicana brand juice. The Dole line has always had the combinations we prefer. I understand that the loss of part of the orange crop due to the freezes earlier this year would pressure companies like Tropicana to raise the price of their products. However, I find the notion of reducing the amount of product in a package without changing the package itself AND raising the price more than a little dishonest. I also have to wonder about the whole rationale when the price of the comparable Dole products we normally buy has gone down and packaging remained the same.


Kay Dennison said...

I joke about the 'incredible shrinking containers' but it's no joke -- it's an insult to my intelligence that they are ripping us off!!!!!

Looking to the Stars said...

Hooray!! My computer is working :)
I feel the same way Kay does!

take care :)