Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Good Morning, Everyone. It is a nice, cool, sunny day so far. It is also supposed to be dry. No rain until the remnants of Alex makes their way up here early next week. I have some gardening to do. I need to change the location of some of my containers, repot Mom's bamboo, and transplant a sage plant. I may even have some asparagus beans to harvest and definitely have 3 tomatoes to pick. We are looking at drying methods for the herbs that are trying to take over the containers. Thankfully, the peppers are large enough to fend for themselves. My eggplants are blooming so I should have something to pick there. They provided a bit of anxiety when I walked out Monday and found several leaves badly eaten by beetles. I identified the pests as Colorado Potato Beetles--picked half of them off and drowned them, then sprayed the other half. The situation seems to be under control now but the little monsters surprised me. Unlike most insects, these nasties LIKE marigolds.

I found this item on FoodFirst this morning. Every now and then I see a story about consumers and farmers running afoul of the law regulating the sale of raw milk. Curious, I did a quick and dirty search to see what my state law dictated and found Realmilk which is very interesting and informative. We found one local farmer and that Indiana law allows 'herd shares.' You buy a share in the cow and so aren't technically buying the milk. An Amish farm in Shipshewana encourages you to visit your cow 'any day but Sunday.'

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