Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Monday morning to you all. For all of you east of me, hang on--the storm that hit us is on its way. If it hasn't got there yet. The weather people predicted that we would have 3-6 inches of snow but so far it has been about a foot. They can't say for certain because of the wind which is gusting to 40 mph. We woke to a three foot drift outside our front door. The news readers said that some areas of our county have reported 8ft drifts. And the State Police are trying to rescue more than 100 motorists that got caught stuck along one of our state routes. Our country and several others nearby are under emergency declarations. We plan to hibernate. If things clear up this afternoon we will clear the patio (which has not accumulated a lot of snow), spread salt (because what is there has turned to ice), and try to thaw out the car. But until the roads are clear we aren't going anywhere. The news people asked a representative of the state police what advice she would give motorists about to set out. She said such motorists should 'reevaluate their trip.'

MSNBC carried this New York Times story yesterday morning that has me questioning whether we really ever learn anything from history. Some time in the early 1980s I read stories about potential problems in Saudi Arabia and other oil rich countries that had subsidized education through college (and, in some cases, graduate school). They had an over supply of ambitious college graduates and a serious lack of professional jobs for them. That was the time I also started seeing sporadic stories about taxi drivers with Ph.D.s over here. Tell me again why every American administration since has touted college education as the route to prosperity. Once upon a time advanced education paid off but that was when most people did not get past the 8th grade. I remember my grandfather telling us that after he finished 8th grade he was offered a teaching job. Can't do that now.

HuffingtonPost provided the link to this 27/7WallSt. article on the 'Ten worst drug recalls in history." It is an interesting story. Several of the drugs mentioned I had never heard of.

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Kay Dennison said...

So far we've had a couple inches and I hope it's pretty much done by morning as I have a doc appt. at 2 pm. I just checked and one can't tell that Red or Joey shoveled my walks this morning.