Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Good morning, everyone. The snow has slowed and, hopefully, has moved out. The landscaping guys our landlord uses came by yesterday and cleared the walks. Another couple of inches fell, or blew in, after so we do have some shoveling to do. The patio and around the car are the primary spots we have to deal with. We are waiting until later when the temperatures are supposed to reach a balmy 20 degrees. From the weather reports this morning it looks like we are getting set up for that nasty pattern that gives us snow every three or four days. Hopefully, the amounts will be much less.

So, Richard Holbrook's last words as he was sedated for surgery were that we had 'to stop this war in Afghanistan.' No s##t!! We should never have gone in the way we did. The whole thing was a testosterone spill in the Bush White House that has cost us more lives and more money than 9/11 did to begin with.

The score for the Health Care Reform law now stands at 2 favorable verdicts to one unfavorable. The tie breaker will be the Republican dominated Supreme Court. The theory under which the Virginia judge struck down the mandate that individuals buy health insurance is interesting. If the Congress (and by extension the entire Federal Government) overreached its constitutional authority with this, I have to ask what government can make such a demand on individual citizens? After all, we have a long history of states requiring drivers to carry auto insurance. Are they going to argue that receiving health care is a privilege and not a right? That is the basic argument concerning auto insurance. You can, with difficulty, choose not to drive but you can't choose not to get sick.

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