Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Wednesday morning, all. Everything is pretty well back to normal. The city did a great job of getting the streets cleared. We just have mountains of snow to remind us of our blizzard. The weather people say we got 9 inches officially. I think we got more. At least we didn't get the 30+ inches a couple of places south and east of us wound up with.

Here is a nice story from the New York Times by way of MSNBC. I love the comment from one of the cooks--she is making less money but having more fun with less stress. These are the kinds of people our government should be helping--not the paper sellers on Wall Street. Unfortunately, I don't think that $800+ billion package of tax cuts/stimulus will do much for them. And I am no longer a believer in the 'every little bit helps' adage. Too often the little bits are too little even in aggregate.

Treehugger had this video of a container garden on steroids in Berlin. I don't speak German but just watching the video is fun.


Looking to the Stars said...

Glad you survived the blizzard, we are suppose to get a storm tomorrow. we will see :) Its not hurting my feelings at all, not getting any snow. My back is very thankful (lol)

take care :)

Kay Dennison said...

We got about 6 inches. Yuck.

I just ranted about the bill and that idiot John Boehner. We little people don't seem to have many friends in Congress.

My next worry is who the our Governor is going to appoint to replace Voinovich who was a renegade GOP and often voted for things to help us ordinary folks. There were rumors of Marci Kaptur (which I would love) but I doubt she would give up her seniority in the House.