Monday, January 3, 2011

Good morning, everyone. We are back to near normal (maybe a slight bit below normal) temps here after a couple of days in the 40s and one that hit a balmy 50. That nasty storm that spawned that swarm of tornados to the southwest of us and that nasty blizzard to the northwest only caused some high winds here. We are supposed to remain seasonally cold with a couple of slight bouts of snow (maybe) for this week. Most of the mountains of snow and the thick blanket that covered the grass (and my gardens) has melted. It is amazing how much snow temps above 40 with rain will eat.

Keep up with your needlepoint, Kay. Every now and then (more frequently over the last couple of years) I find my hands just don't want to work with the same pain-free dexterity or my eyes focus as readily on my needlework. But I am a stubborn old girl. I will do my needlework and I intend to learn new skills, or relearn old ones, along the way. If brain stimulation is really the preventative for the various age related dementias they say it is, I intend to get plenty of it.

I am not on Facebook much anymore either, Lois. Most of the games are just boring or frustrating. I do have a couple of groups I check in on but that is about all. It is such a time waster.


Kay Dennison said...

Thank!!!! I just keep trying different things to see what I can do. An artist friend thinks I should try painting/sketching so that's probably my next trick! Ha!

I quit (or tried to) Facebook. I guess I don't 'get' the attraction for it. Blogging is more fun!!!!

Looking to the Stars said...

I agree with you and Kay. FB is frustrating & blogging is more fun!

We still have snow but its melting fast also. Today, we have to move out the dishwasher to find a leak. I walked into the kitchen last nite and there was a puddle of coming out from underneath the dishwasher. I am hoping its not in the wall. I don't see how one of the pipes could have froze & busted but anything is possible.

take care :)