Saturday, January 22, 2011

Good Saturday morning to everyone out there. First I have to apologize to Lois. I accidentally deleted your comment on yesterday's post. I did read it. I hit the wrong option by mistake and couldn't get it back. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I would have posted it if my 'fat' finger hadn't gotten in the way.

I absolutely love this post on Alternet. Thanks to the Roberts Supreme Court the notion of the fictional personhood of corporations has exceeded any rational boundaries. When the rights of these fictional persons exceed and take precedence over the rights of flesh and blood persons while the punishments meted out for similar crimes are diminished for the fictional person, we need to rethink the whole think.

And here is another interesting item from Alternet on JP Morgan. Don't you just love the notion of a 'too-big-to-fail' bank distributing food stamp benefits (via debit cards) and collecting a fee per/recipient while using call centers in India to handle customer service? Oh, at the same time they wrongly foreclose on mortgages held by military families and engage in robo-signing to move other foreclosures through the process at lightning speed. And, in the light of recent Massachusetts cases on this issue, we have to ask if they actually held the title to those mortgages.

Maha posted this with a link to the original that provided us with a bit of a chuckle this frigid morning. I guess some of our Founding Fathers were as confused over the intentions of the Founding Fathers as some of our current politicians--IF the right-wing Republicans and their friends are right.


Kay Dennison said...

I couldn't agree with you more!!! And I do love Maha's blog.

Looking to the Stars said...

LOL, no problem. I've done that too :)