Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year to you all and I hope that however good, bad or indifferent 2010 was that 2011 will be wonderful.


As you can see I intended to post yesterday. I got side tracked in reading. I found a large number of the 'resolution' blogs some of which were interesting. I don't make resolutions and haven't for many years. It was too easy to fail in keeping them which was a bit of a emotional downer. Instead, I have some more general goals. I would like to take up my tatting needles again and really learn the craft. I have been lackadaisical about doing that. I should also get more serious about using my knitting looms. They have been sitting around taking up space and gathering dust since I yielded to the impulse and bought them I don't know how long ago. I have (finally!!!) collected all my UFOs in one place and will spend time this year completing at least some of them.

Then there are my garden containers. I have already made the first cut of seeds I won't be planting this year and will make a second cut shortly. I am also diagraming my containers so I can have a clearer idea of what I can put where. It goes without saying that I will put in tomatoes and peppers. I have all the tomato seeds I need though there are a couple of varieties that are awfully tempting to try out. We are in the process of deciding what peppers to put into our extremely limited spaces. First is a little hybrid from Burpee--the False Alarm. That is a jalapeno style pepper with a mild heat that goes so well in everything. I won't do the cow's horn cayenne this year--last year's plant was very prolific and provided enough cayenne flakes for the next two years. I won't do the gypsy or poblano peppers again--they are readily available at our various farmers' markets all season and we really like supporting our local growers. Instead I am looking at the seed catalogs to see if I can find something different that isn't available from local sources. I also want to expand the herbs I grow but am undecided as to whether I will buy seed or look for plants. Probably will do a bit of both. I only have a little more than a month before I start putting up the plastic over the containers.


Kay Dennison said...

Happy New Year!!! It looks like your work is cut out for you!!!!

I've been doing a lot of needlepoint -- it's about that most crafts are truly difficult for me.

Looking to the Stars said...

Happy New Year! We will see what 2011 holds for us :)

I am not doing FB very much anymore so you won't see much from me on that end.

I don't make resoultions either.

Sold a few dolls over the holidays so I am doing some work on my doll stash to get them ready to be in my store. Its a lot of work and am thinking of closing the store down. But, I've said that before and haven't done it. I love selling dolls :)

take care :)