Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Good morning, everyone. Well, the predominant news story here is the coming snow storm. We had about an inch over night but the big storm is due to arrive this afternoon. All of our weather people are amazed at the numbers their models are projecting. One noted that he had never seen blizzard warnings and watches issued so far in advance of a storm, in fact before any snow fell at all. We are well situated and even if we had not made it to the grocery yesterday we would not have been more than inconvenienced. Our only real worry is the electricity. However, our area has rarely lost power and never for more than a few hours. The supermarket was crowded yesterday. They had almost every register going and customers stood 3 and 4 deep. We will see what happens.

You know the fiscal situation for states is bad when conservative 'lock-em-up-and-throw-away-the-key' politicians consider something else. That, according to this MSNBC story, is exactly what has been happening.

This little story makes me more than a little angry. Have government officials arrested the officials of this 'sham' university, subjected them to searches, or put radio transmitters on their ankles? I hope the Indian government raises holy hell with the State Department over this.

I have seen several stories on the decision by that Florida judge that the health care reform legislation is unconstitutional. I won't post any links because these stories are all over the web. I want to make two observations. First, why didn't the judge agree to an injunction if he is so sure the legislation is unconstitutional. He refused to go along with that. And, on the legal theory the opponents put forward that congress cannot legislate economic inaction--what poppy cock. Other forms of government can, in the legal exercise of their mandated actions, and have required drivers to purchase auto insurance (enforced with fines, jail time, and suspension of license) and to vaccinate children (enforced by refusing to enroll unvaccinated children in public schools). I am sure there are other actions in which citizens are required to engage in an economic activity by making some designated purchase. Why should the Federal government be restricted from such action? And the mere fact that the medical insurance industry is one of the largest in the country makes no difference at all.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Our weather is very cold 1 degree with a little snow (thank goodness) but the wind is really bad. Almost blew away getting the mail (lol).

I don't like this, the have to health insurance by 2014. The medical companies paid big time to get this one thru. For shame on them.

take care, stay warm