Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Good Fat Tuesday morning to you all. Google seems to be behaving well this morning. We'll see if it continues. About half of my tomato seeds have sprouted and I have to bring out my other starting tray because several are already too tall for this first one. Since our inside temp is set at 68 and the area by the patio door is actually a bit cooler than that, I figure that the germination time may be as much as 20-50% longer for some of these seeds. No peppers up yet and still only one ground cherry.

I agree, Lois. Michael Moore says it like it is and minces few words doing so.

While reading some of the various articles and blogs I suddenly realized how much a little time has changed things. Does anyone else remember the stories that surfaced on the new broadcasts every year in August and September concerning the dedicated teachers dipping into their own slender resources to buy needed supplies for their classes? Basic things like paper, pencils, rulers? My how heroically the news media painted them. Now no one remembers and the news media is not reminding us. Please don't tell me that it isn't the teachers the Repthuglican idiots are fighting but the greedy, selfish unions. After all who makes up the unions? If the unions are selfish and greedy then the members must be also. Where did all those heroic, sacrificing, and selfless teachers go?

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Looking to the Stars said...

The teachers retired, 2 of them are our friends. My hubby & I would send our friends money each year to help. They taught on the western slope, Tina taught 1st grade, Michael taught high school. The money we gave them went for supplies for the elementary kids and for tennis outfits,rackets & balls for the H.S. kids. They retired last year and I often wonder how the kids are doing.

Wow, its neat you have little sprouts for your garden already!

take care