Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Good morning to you all. We had thunderstorms over night with sporadic heavy rains. Supposed to get more today. I did notice yesterday that the shadow the house casts over the patio is receding which is good. Thanks to that white fence and the reflection I can plant a lot of varieties that should actually have full sun--like tomatoes and peppers. I don't think I will be able to get back out there until sometime next week--too cold and too wet. As Mom says Old Man Winter just keeps hanging on here.

I agree, Lois. Too many people in critical jobs just don't seem to be doing their jobs. What really burns me up is that description of the lab tech at the center of the Army crime lab scandal. His supervisors thought him a valuable and productive employee. I have a news flash for them: If they could not rely on his results he was neither productive nor valuable.

The news media has spent a good deal of time raising questions but shedding little light on the Libyan situation. It appears that the 'coalition' that initially supported the no-fly zone is already cracking with Norway and Italy rethinking their participation. The U.S. is in charge now but plans to reduce its involvement and let 'god-only-know-who' to take over. No country seems to be volunteering as of now. The aims of the operation are unclear beyond establishing the no-fly zone and 'protecting civilians.' Unfortunately, in what has become a civil war, who is a civilian? For a good discussion of the complexities involved take a look at this Stratfor piece. We have way too many questions and far too few answers. But our political leaders aren't asking any of the important questions.

Thanks to Crooks & Liars for this discussion of exactly how the Repthuglians define 'shared sacrifice.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Its sunny but windy today & the wind has a bite to it. I agree with your Mom, Ole Man Winter doesn't want to leave.

Yeah, that lab thing sucks. They were not checking up on this guy to really see if he was doing his job. Makes me think he has connections that's why he got away with what he did.

take care