Thursday, March 24, 2011

Good morning to you all. We had a dusting of snow over night. It stayed on the grass and cars but not on the sidewalks or streets. At least we didn't get the 12+ inches parts of Wisconsin and Michigan. At least my seedlings are doing well. All those that sprouted from the earlier planting are growing nicely and the second round of seeds are starting to sprout. So far two more Brandywine tomatoes and ground cherry have made their appearance along with two catnip and one Fresh Salsa tomato. Right now I have a very annoyed cat. We shifted some of our furniture around and Mom and I switched which recliners we sit in. He normally sits on my foot rest (when he can't squirm his way onto my lap). Last night he sat on the ottoman looking from her to me and back again looking arrogantly annoyed. He tried her lap but decided he wasn't really happy their and finally settled down at my feet. He simply doesn't like having his pattern interrupted.

The mini-greenhouse was blown over sometime in the last couple of hours and I had to set it back upright. The wind has picked up and the temps have dropped a couple of degrees since we had our coffee. Luckily no damage--but the next time I put the wire shelves in I am going to tie them down. I had decided that I won't take it apart next fall after the growing season is over because I am not sure the cross-pieces will take the stress (they are plastic) but I will take the cover off. The wind can blow through the frame.

I found this Huffington Post story last night. After telling everyone that the slick of goo that spans 100+miles in the Gulf of Mexico was simply a normal plume of silt and other gunk from the river, the Coast Guard has 'discovered' it is actually oil spilled from a well an oil company is capping before they abandon it. The company told the authorities that they had spilled 'a little' oil in the process. Is it any wonder ordinary people don't trust official pronouncements.

On the matter of trust--I really hate the way our industrial food companies muck up the food chain. Like you, Lois, I wish they would either stop or label the crap plainly so I can avoid it more easily. The way they avoid telling us what they put into it or what processes are involved in the making of the 'food is nothing short of fraud.

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Looking to the Stars said...

Gad, these people make me sick. A little oil spill, naught. What a bunch of morons.

Sorry, your kitty is upset. Our dogs are like that also. Can't disrupt the routine or they get miffed. Always wish they could talk but on second thought maybe not lol :)