Thursday, December 29, 2011

Good morning, all.  We did get some sun yesterday.  Just not much.  The weather people say we should have rain this morning before the system moves off and the temps move into the mid 40s F.  Still unseasonably warm here.  So far three of my seed catalogs have come in and I have been looking through them.  Right now my gardening plans involve writing down all of the seeds I would like to try.  Next I have to bring the list down to reality.  I also have to start putting some areas I have used as catch-alls for the last several months into some order.

I agree, Lois.  Sears used to be one of our favorite stores but then it changed.  It tried to be trendy (whatever that meant at the time) when we wanted conservative and functional.  On the Illinois issue of tax 'relief' for corporations, I soured on the whole theory a long time ago.  The only ones who benefited from any such deal I have ever seen have been the companies.  The local areas (states, counties, cities) lost taxes and people lost jobs.  This would be considered a criminal scam if any individual tried it.

I think the chimp that just died may indeed be the real Cheetah, Nicola.  According to Wikipedia chimpanzees have been known to live more than 60 years in captivity.  The article I read said that this one had been transferred from Johnny Weissmuller's estate to the Florida refuge in 1960.  Weissmuller was still alive then.

Mom and I had a damned good laugh over this one.  If ours wasn't such a busy-body society it would be one thing but we have so many do-gooders out there who are fine with forcibly medicating any troublesome young brat or eccentric old biddy that these definitions of psychiatric maladies are scary.  And I am not at all comforted that the head of the task force formulating the new edition of the psychiatric bible says it is still a work in progress or that it will contain about the same number of ailments as the old.  I think 300 is way too many to begin with.

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Kay Dennison said...

I'm sure that you know how I feel re: tax relief for corporations so I'll just say that the middle class (which I'm not apart of) needs it worse and it's about time Congress gets taken to task on it.