Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good morning, everyone.  Another gloomy day but warmer than normal.  The temp on the patio reads about 42 F.  It is also foggy and wet.  The weather report yesterday said we may have hit 50 and, if so, that would have been the 13th time this month--highly unusual.  I had to put my milk jug cloches over the blueberries--the Monster Cat (a.k.a., Kuma) found them yesterday and started nibbling.  If they were fully grown I wouldn't mind but I just put them this fall and am anxiously hoping they survive the winter and thrive.  However, his munching sent me to the internet to find out if I should worry about harmful effects. Evidently not.  In fact the blueberry leaves make a nice tea.  When my bushes are fully grown I will harvest some leaves along with berries.  I also plan to double the number of stevia plants because I am already half way through the stock I dried this season.  If I run out, I will shift to honey.

Hello and welcome, Nicola.  I enjoy seeing what needleworkers are doing and reading about people who live in other places.  I have been derelict about my own needlework for the last several months only putting in a stitch here and there.  My goal for the new year (I don't make resolutions) is to get back on my various projects and maybe make progress learning a couple of techniques I have flirted with in the past.  Your cross-stitch is beautiful.  Hope your holidays are happy and the new year prosperous.

Well, it is Winter Solstice and the days will start getting longer.  That is nice.  But I will really rejoice when the Spring Equinox comes and the shadow of the house touches the top of the fence.  The reflection of sunlight off the fence turns my deep shade patio into bright light for my container plants.  That allows me to plant peppers, tomatoes and other sun loving plants in the summer.


Looking to the Stars said...

Hi, I love Kuma. Sounds just like my boys, always getting into and eating what they shouldn't.

I have been sick with the flu, I had it on the run then it came back and bit me twice as hard. We got our snow, 3 inches. More is to come.

take care :)

Kay Dennison said...

I think this is the weirdest winter we've had in Ohio. +

I'm always ready for Spring and summer!

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I have never heard of stevia before. Just checked it out on the net - very interesting. I grow lots of herbs, salad, vegetables and fruit.