Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Good morning, Everyone.  We had a little over an inch of very wet snow yesterday.  Most of what fell on the paved areas melted and, with temps for today and the next two or three going to 40 and a bit, the snow on the grass won't last long.  The weather people said this year is the second wettest on record.  They haven't said how it stacks up temperature wise but a couple of months got on the top five list.  Right now I see mostly clear skies just before our sunrise so we should see plenty of sunshine unless clouds come in rapidly.

I don't know how many remember the old Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan movies but for those who do I found this item.  The last star of the movies, Cheetah, died at about age 80 in a Florida wildlife sanctuary.

Burning Platform posted this little video explaining our national debt problem.  It would be funny if it weren't so depressingly accurate.  And, according to a couple of stories over the last couple of days, that debt limit that was passed with such dramatic posturing just a couple of months ago, is about to be reached.

Hey, Kay, glad to see you back.  I have tried to be more polite or restrained in my comments but something about the Repthuglicans just set me off.  It may have been that Gingrich aide who compared the Gingrich campaign's failure to get enough signatures in Virginia to 'Pearl Harbor.'  Romney's comparison (to Lucile Ball in the candy factory) was more accurate.  Something else that would be funny if it weren't so utterly pathetic.

I find this story a bit ironic in light of the concerted effort by Repthuglicans across the country to limit the voting rights of certain groups who reliably vote Damnocrat.   But, because poor little Ricky couldn't get his act together, he now wants the Federal courts to step in and modify the state law to suit his needs.

This news dropped like a bomb on Illinois politicians.  They just spent the last couple of months cobbling together a tax relief package for Sears and the CME Group to keep those companies in Illinois and now they have to explain to their constituents how it was worth the cost.  Of course, they didn't get any real guarantees from either company and Sears only promised to keep its headquarters in Chicago.  I wonder how many Illinois stores are on the chopping block.


Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I loved the old Tarzan movies. Cheetah was such a character. I used to pester my parents to buy a chimp. I wonder if he really was in the movies.

Stitching By A Cornish Sea Shore said...

I have just impressed my husband with my "Cheetah" knowledge. The evening news had an item about Cheetah's death and as I had just read the info on your link I shocked him how much I knew off the cuff.

LOL I guess I'm a cheater.

Looking to the Stars said...

Our snow from last week still hasn't melted. very unusual for us. they say its suppose to get warmer this week but so far not warm enough to melt what's in our yard & the streets.

I saw (and just did a post)on Cheetah. I loved those movies because of him :)

I was a little tweeked when I saw that sears was going to close so many stores. It used to be my favorite store, then it changed. Hubby and I wondered about it, we didn't know that in 2003 a billionaire had bought the chain. Now, he's closing them. I swear, the idiots that have money now can't seem to make good bussiness decsions or maybe they are making tax write off decsions :( who knows. all I know is that it stinks!

take care