Sunday, December 7, 2014

Good cloudy Sunday to you.  The weather people say we will have a "wintery" mix today and maybe tomorrow.

So there are seven states who have constitutional barriers to atheists.  And some Christians say they feel there is a "war" against them???

As if we needed another indication that our government has been co-opted by financial interests.  A few weeks ago the G20 formalized rules for so-called bail-ins where depositors take "hair cuts" before stockholders and holders of credit default swaps if a bank is insolvent.  Legislation is before congress which will allow struggling public employee pension plans to reduce payouts to current retirees.  Many of those plans are struggling because state legislatures and other political entities failed to make required contributions when they should have but the short-fall is to come out of the hides of retirees.  The only "property" rights protected anymore are those of big finance.  The rest of us are pretty well screwed.

When political issues divide powerful interests it makes some very strange bedfellows.

Ouch!!  It isn't even summer down under yet.

The post-antibiotic age has dawned.

Sounds like the GOP majority in the Montana legislature are channeling the Taliban, Islamic State, and Al Qaeda.  Perhaps they will insist on "virginity" tests for all unmarried women as at least one Muslim country has done for women on its police force.

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