Saturday, December 6, 2014

Good Saturday everyone.  Weekends don't mean much to us since we are both retired.  No need to rush around and do all of the chores we neglected all week because we were working somewhere away from the house more hours than we were at home.  Of course since our society has moved to a nearly universal 24/7/365 commercial environment, especially, at this time of year, I guess weekends don't mean much to most people anymore.

Found this by way of a friend on Facebook.  I will be looking for the tags this spring.  I plant a number of plants that are both pollinator friendly and useful to us.  I would rather attract and feed the bees not plant something that might help kill them off.

David Kaiser has another good stroll down history lane--this time dealing with the Republican mantra that tax cuts on wealthy individuals and corporations would release a tsunami of economic activity that would generate more tax revenue than would be lost through the cuts.  It has never worked but now the Republicans hope to put people into the Congressional Budget Office who will adopt book-cooking formulas that will prove their point.

I agree with everything, point by point, with what John Beckett has written at Patheos.  I will add only that I don't see that the victims--meaning Rice, Brown, and Garner--did anything to deserve an execution.

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