Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Good morning on this last day of November.  Yesterday was as nice as the weather people predicted.  I got rose trimmed a bit but not wrapped.  The ground in the containers is as frozen as I thought it.  But it was warm enough that the ice in the bird bath melted. I was able to get it emptied partially dried.  The Baker Creek seed catalog came yesterday so I am busy going through it to see what I want to order.  I always look forward to the new catalogs.


As you can see I didn't have much to say yesterday and we are now in December.  Several of the bloggers I read asked where the time has gone a question I am asking more frequently as years pass in the blink of an eye.

Good points on our yearly "feeding" frenzy.  About a decade ago I wished my boss a happy birthday with the hope that he would "have enough.  Neither more nor less but enough."  He looks at me like I had insulted him.  Bill McKibben, I think, noted that through out most of human existence "more" and "better" were like twin birds perched so closely on a branch that a rock thrown at one would likely hit the other as well.  Now the two are so far apart that more doesn't always mean better and may actually mean worse.

To continue on a related theme: evidently sales weren't all retailers hoped they would be.  I wonder if people are like me and have no interest in this national contact sport or if people have less money than the pundits hoped.  Or both.

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